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Want to bring imagination and practical skills to life in your classroom?

1 Home AudienceBringing Skills to Life is a primary education programme from John Lewis. It is about allowing pupils to explore, imagine and create, while equipping them with many life skills. Through this education programme we aim to inspire children and develop their imagination and practical skills.

As a teacher you can access lesson plans and activity cards we’ve developed across the themes of Design & Make, Cook & Share and Storytelling.  All our resources have been designed for teachers by teachers, for use in the classroom, and are curriculum linked. 

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Looking to equip your children with skills for life?

Parent Audience ImageBringing Skills to Life is a primary education programme from John Lewis, written in partnership with teachers. Many of the resources are designed to be used in the classroom but it’s not just about schools - there are lots of ways you can bring key skills to life at home with our activity cards.

Have a go at designing your own t-shirts, cook up a storm in the kitchen and spend time discovering stories together with your family. Or volunteer at a school near you and deliver one of the workshop activities.

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Ever thought you’d be going back to school?

Partner Audience ImageAs a John Lewis Partner you have a unique role in bringing this education programme to life. 

As part of our volunteering programme you can go back to the classroom and deliver design, cooking and literacy sessions at a local school. We’ll support you along the way, and help match you to a school. 

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The programme focuses on:

Design and Make theme image

Design & Make

This module is all about materials and design. From collecting and researching materials to reviewing fashion through the eras, these resources will help you look at how design has a role to play in everyday life.

Cook and Share theme image

Cook & Share

This module is all about food and the joy of sharing it. By introducing children to good eating habits, looking at recipes from around the world and coming together to celebrate, these resources explore the preparation and sharing of food.

Storytelling theme image


With a focus on literacy and listening skills, this module takes a good book and considers the different ways in which you can explore it. We want pupils to get excited about writing and illustrating stories and then to look at sharing their excitement with others.